Sudan's and its economic life

Sudan and its Politics Laws and Constitution

Sudan is a democratic country, this means to say that: 1) the president of Sudan is the head of state 2) the president is also the head of the government. Sudan is a sovereign and a multi-racial country which was founded on the advancement of justice, equality, human rights, and freedom. It is a very nationalistic and patriotic country that imposes that using national symbols (e.g flag, anthem, emblem, festivals, etc.) should be applied and put into practice. Sudanese people have a mindset that defending their country is an honor; also, it is innate in them that striving for its cause is a duty for them. Sudan laws also specify that there should be a development in its economy through basis of work with task significance and task identity. Jobs should improve their lives with a perspective of progress to quality of life and dignity, without discriminations and whatnot. Life and human dignity, liberty, and equality are very important in Sudan. In the constitution, these three should go first before the law because Sudan government wants to take care of its people.

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