Sudan's and its economic life

Getting to know Sudan's Agriculture Industry and Commerce

In 1999, the agricultural production in Sudan was declined when it first exported oil in other countries. Sudan is not really a well-off country; thus, it relies on food imports from Kenya, Uganda, and other neighboring countries. Because it only relies in other countries, the prices of goods and services dramatically rise which results to food shortage due to expensive foreign food supplies. The government made this issue a top priority to improve the agriculture and food security; moreover, they were planning to attract more investors to invest in Sudan. It is intended to develop both rural and urban, employment and job opportunities, diversify the economy, and a lot more programs that will make the industry and commerce improve. Sadly, Sudan has one of the weakest economy in the world, not only that, there are a lot of Sudanese who are illiterate. It is one of the poorest countries in terms of running water, electricity, and paved roads.